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Why I Use Squarespace for My Website Creation

People talk about “game changers” a lot.

Sean Anderson
Sean Anderson

People talk about “game changers” a lot.

“Dang man, that iPhone is a game changer.”

“That new player in the sportsball league we all like is gonna change the game.”

“Dude, that barbecue sauce is a FREAKING. GAME. CHANGER!”

Suffice it to say, the term is widely used. Probably to the point of becoming so tired that anyone who says it now is dating themselves horribly. There are so many newer phrases to use these days.

I first started making websites on Squarespace in a serious manner about five years ago. It was a portfolio website that was required of all students at the art school I graduated from. I chose to use Squarespace because, even then, it offered the control and beauty that no other website service could provide.

Guys, it was a total game changer.

Before finding Squarespace, if someone told me I could create an entire website without needing a deep knowledge of complex coding languages, I probably would have been a little suspicious of that person.

Pulling the curtain back and understanding the Internet had seemed like a huge mountain to climb. I’m no wizard. What do I know about scripting and website automation and creating complex financial services from scratch?

(Quick hint: I know very little about all of that stuff.)

I had a cursory knowledge of HTML and CSS code, but that was about it. When I started Dandy Cat Design, I also had a desire to become a web designer and a strong drive to make that a reality.

What I didn’t have was the ability to easily create that life for myself. That’s where Squarespace came in.

You’re telling me there’s a service out there shifts the focus of web design from the grueling coding work and onto the design work I enjoy so much more? Um, yes please!

It can be a scary thing to set out and run your own business. The path into the future isn’t easily seen. Who knows what it’s got in store for us?

Despite that uncertainty, using Squarespace as the foundation for building my business has been the best choice I could have made. Let me tell you why.

Why Squarespace?

I’ve tried WordPress. I’ve tried Wix. I’ve tried Weebly. I’ve even tried coding websites from scratch. You name it, I’ve probably given it a shot.

What’s most striking to me about Squarespace is how, for the most part, it just gets out of my way. In other words, it’s easy to use.

Dandy Cat Design has been a web design business from the start. It’s not necessarily a web coding business, although I do dabble heavily in custom CSS styling. I’m interested in creating a website, not in hunting down one typo in a single line of code among thousands of others.

I want things to just work. That way I can spend my time being creative, supporting my clients, and being active in marketing my business.

You know, the important things.

Speaking of support, Squarespace has a support system, both in its community of users and its dedicated employees, that’s been second to none. I can find answers to my site questions on services like Stack Overflow, but I always turn to the Squarespace forums first.

9 times out of 10 I can find the exact answer I’m looking for there. It’s a huge time-saver.

Why not WordPress or Wix or... blah blah blah?

Simple answer: for me, those services aren’t as dead simple to use and I can create better looking and more capable sites on Squarespace.

I wouldn’t dare say those services are bad. Heck, WordPress famously “powers 35% of the internet.” I mean, damn. They’re obviously doing something right.

Getting the most out of any of those other services, WordPress especially, rely on plug-ins that require updates and supervision.

One of my key services is teaching my clients how to use Squarespace so they can continue to update their own website. If I don’t want to deal with plug-ins and other advanced tools, my clients, who aren’t web designers, certainly won’t want to deal with that nonsense either.

Ease of use is an important consideration. I want a service that helps me, not one that I have to help.

Frankly, those other services aren’t my cup of tea. They’re too complicated for my dear clients. Simplicity (without sacrificing creativity) is key.

Why not code your own sites?

Coding websites from scratch is the best way to ensure you get the exact site you want with the exact tools and services you need, down to the smallest pixel.

In my experience, it’s also a great way to drive myself crazy.

HTML and CSS isn’t anything new to me. I’ve been dabbling with HTML code since before I was a teenager.

However, when I started in on this web design business of mine, I quickly learned that the websites of today require a heck of a lot more technical knowledge than I had.

After learning as much as I could online and even taking an online website coding class, I came to the realization that coding a website from scratch wasn’t for me. There’s great power in creating a website from scratch, but there’s also a massive amount of frustration involved with it.

I’m not interested in creating frustration for myself.

I’m definitely not interested in creating frustration in my clients. Coding a website from scratch would require a large investment of both time and money from potential clients.

Demanding at least $10,000 and a month’s worth of work on a site that a client would never be able to update themselves is a complete non-starter for me.

I wanted to build a different sort of business. Squarespace takes care of all the behind the scenes stuff so I don’t have to. More importantly, my clients don’t have to worry about it either.

Squarespace has been a game changer for me. It may be an overused saying, but I’m going to use it all I want. There’s no better way to describe how transformative it’s been for my life.

It’s allowed me to create simply stunning websites. I’ve been able to build a business on my own terms and to my liking. It’s allowed me to work with amazing clients.

It’s a simple service, but it also has the depth and capability needed to be one of the best website creation services available today. Their support services are also top notch. I never have to worry about not finding an answer to any question I might have.

It may not be for absolutely everyone, but I believe it’s the right tool for a huge amount of people. I support Squarespace and Squarespace supports me.

Learn how to get your own Squarespace site started the right way. Give this one a read today:

Quick Tip: So Your Squarespace Trial Period Is Ending…
First off, don’t panic. It’ll all be okay. I mean we’re talking about Squarespace here, so you know everything is going to be just fine, right? They’re not the sort of company to just leave their customers high and dry.

Have a phenomenal day, cats.

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