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Squarespace Menu Search Tool

I’ve created an easily searchable breakdown of the Squarespace site editor menu. Using the search field below, you can enter in exactly what destination you’d like to find and it’ll show you the exact steps to get there.

Sean Anderson
Sean Anderson

I’ve created an easily searchable breakdown of the Squarespace site editor menu. Using the search field below, you can enter in exactly what destination you’d like to find and it’ll show you the exact steps to get there.

Cool, huh?

Go ahead and play around with the Menu Search Tool to your heart’s content. It's helped me several times when I can't remember exactly where things are. I hope it helps you easily find what you’re looking for, too.

Share it far and wide. I’d love to help as many people as possible.

Search for greatness, cats.

Please note: I've written another blog post that explains why this post and tool are largely obsolete and irrelevant. Luckily, that one has a lot of useful information that'll serve you well. Give it a read today:

Quick Tip: Use Forward Slash To Search
All the way back in January of this year, I posted a blog titled Squarespace Menu Search Tool. I had the idea to create this interactive HTML table that would allow anyone to search for a destination in the Squarespace menu and be told the steps needed to get there.

Type a term (e.g. "Google," "CSS," "Share Buttons," etc.) in the input field to search the table for the Squarespace Menu feature you're looking for.1

  1. Please note that some of the menu wording has been adjusted slightly to make things easier to understand. The destination paths are all completely accurate. ↩︎

Destination First Step Second Step Third Step
Website Pages Pages - -
Deleted Pages Pages - -
Site Title/Tag Line Design Logo & Title -
Logo Image Design Logo & Title -
Browser Icon (Favicon) Design Logo & Title -
Social Sharing Logo Design Logo & Title -
Templates Design Template -
Site Style Editor Design Site Styles -
Import/Export Style Packs Design Site Styles -
Lock Screen Editor Design Lock Screen -
Checkout Page Editor Design Checkout Page -
Checkout Page Import/Export Style Pack Design Checkout Page -
404 Page Selection Design Not Found/404 Page -
Squarespace Badge Selection Design Squarespace Badge -
Custom CSS Design Advanced Custom CSS
Manage Custom CSS Files Design Advanced Custom CSS
Adobe Fonts Project ID Design Advanced Adobe Fonts Project ID
Product Orders Commerce Orders -
Product Orders Export Commerce Orders -
Product Inventory Commerce Inventory -
Commerce Site Customers Commerce Customers -
Export Customers CSV Commerce Customers -
Customer Tags Commerce Customers -
Product Discounts Commerce Discounts -
Commerce Payments Setup Commerce Payments -
Change Store Currency Commerce Payments -
Abandoned Cart Recovery Commerce Checkout -
Checkout on Your Domain Commerce Checkout -
Checkout Mailing Lists Commerce Checkout -
Default Country in Address Fields Commerce Checkout -
Shipping and Billing Address Commerce Checkout -
Express Checkout Commerce Checkout -
Shopping Cart Style Commerce Checkout -
"Continue Shopping" Link in Cart Commerce Checkout -
Service Products Quantity Commerce Checkout -
Next Order Number Commerce Checkout -
Additional Checkout Fields Commerce Checkout -
Checkout Page: Store Policies Editor Commerce Checkout -
Invoices Price & Tax Details Commerce Checkout -
Commerce Site Customer Accounts Commerce Customer Accounts -
Commerce Site Customer Notifications Commerce Customer Notifications -
Commerce Site Automated Email Editor Commerce Customer Notifications -
Commerce Site Donations Commerce Customer Notifications -
Store Inventory Automatic Emails Commerce Customer Notifications -
Shipping Options Commerce Shipping -
Shipping Automation Commerce Shipping -
Taxes Setup Commerce Taxes -
Accounting Setup Commerce Accounting -
Commerce Apps Connection Commerce Apps -
Email Campaign Creation/Editor Marketing Email Campaigns -
Mailing Lists Marketing Email Campaigns -
Email Campaign Sender Profiles Marketing Email Campaigns -
Site Title Format Marketing SEO -
SEO Site Description Marketing SEO -
Search Appearance Marketing SEO -
Page Title Formats Marketing SEO Advanced
Announcement Bar Editor Marketing Announcement Bar -
Promotional Pop-Up Editor Marketing Promotional Pop-Up -
Share Buttons Marketing Share Buttons -
Products on Instagram Marketing Products on Instagram -
Pinterest Save Button Editor Marketing Pinterest Save Buttons -
Facebook Pixel & Ads Marketing Facebook Pixel & Ads -
Facebook Page Connection Marketing Facebook Page -
URL Builder Marketing URL Builder -
Google Ads Credit Code Generation Marketing Google Ads -
Traffic Overview Analytics Traffic Overview -
Traffic Sources Analytics Traffic Sources -
Popular Content Analytics Popular Content -
Geography Analytics Geography -
Form & Button Conversions Analytics Form & Button Conversions -
Google Search Keywords Analytics Google Search Keywords -
Other Search Keywords Analytics Other Search Keywords -
Site Search Keywords Analytics Site Search Keywords -
RSS Subscribers Analytics RSS Subscribers -
Activity Log Analytics Activity Log -
Site/Blog Comments Comments - -
Site Visibility Settings - -
Site Language & Region Settings Language & Region -
Business Name Settings Business Information -
Business Address Settings Business Information -
Contact Phone Number Settings Business Information -
Contact Email Settings Business Information -
Physical Location Settings Business Information -
Business Hours Settings Business Information -
Tax Registration ID Settings Business Information -
Connected Social Services Settings Connected Accounts -
Site Contributor Permissions Settings Permissions -
Site Domain Management Settings Domains -
Business Email & G Suite Management Settings Email & G Suite -
Squarespace Website Billing Settings Billing & Account Billing
Squarespace Website Invoices Settings Billing & Account Invoices
Squarespace Login History Settings Billing & Account Login History
Mobile Information Bar & Editor Settings Mobile Information Bar -
Cookies & Visitor Data Editor Settings Cookies & Visitor Data -
Squarespace Analytics Settings Settings Cookies & Visitor Data -
Blog Post URL Format Settings Blogging -
Blogging Comment Settings Settings Blogging Comment Settings
Disqus Shortname Settings Blogging -
Simple Liking Settings Blogging -
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Settings Blogging -
Squarespace Default Text Editor Settings Advanced Default Text Editor
Login with Escape Key Settings Advanced Escape Key
External Platform Import/Export Settings Advanced Import/Export
Google Analytics, Amazon Associates, Google Recaptcha Integration Settings Advanced External API Keys
Squarespace Developer Mode Settings Advanced Developer Mode
Site Code Injection Settings Advanced Code Injection
Site URL Mapping Settings Advanced URL Mappings
Image Metadata Importing Settings Advanced Image Metadata Importing
Third-Party App API Keys Connection Settings Advanced API Keys
Home Menu Shortcut Activation Settings Advanced Menu Shortcuts
Site SSL Security Preferences Settings Advanced Site Password & SSL
Squarespace Site Promotion Settings Advanced Site Promotion
Circle Labs Settings Settings Circle Labs -
Squarespace Knowledge Base Help Knowledge Base -
Squarespace Video Workshops Help Videos -
Interactive Webinar Sessions Help Webinars -

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