Social Media = Quality over Quantity
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Social Media = Quality over Quantity

Having 100 of anything sounds like a good reason to celebrate.
Social Media = Quality over Quantity

Having 100 of anything sounds like a good reason to celebrate.

Unless you’ve got duck-sized horses surrounding you and if you don’t find some way to escape their tiny stamping hooves you’ll find yourself at the business end of a mini horse beat-down.

That wouldn’t be an ideal way to leave this world. However, reaching the goal of hitting 100 followers on Instagram is a cool thing to celebrate.

There’s probably very little danger of death by mini horse with Instagram.

It just so happens that 100 followers is a milestone that I hit on my Instagram account a while ago.

I think that’s a fantastic thing. I’m proud of myself for getting there and I’m grateful for the people who are interested enough in what I’m putting out into the world to follow me 🎉

I’m looking forward to reaching the next milestone whenever it happens to pop up (did I hear someone say 1,000,000 followers?).

It’s about quality

As cool as it is to have any number of people following your social media accounts and being exposed to whatever content you post, the number of people shouldn’t be what determines your success.

I realize it’s 2019 and for some people, especially those working in industries like modeling and acting, having a high follower count is essential to their current and future livelihood. If you’re that sort of person, then this blog post may not be for you. More power (and followers) to you.

However, most of us aren’t living lives completely centered around just how many Instagram followers we have day to day. I feel that’s a good thing.

When it comes down to it, that follower count is a superficial metric of popularity. Yeah, there’s going to be a good handful of people who are following you out of genuine interest, but every single one of your followers doesn’t fall into that camp.

I hate to say it, but there’s a fair chance that many of those followers aren’t real people at all. The internet is filled with bots and fake accounts these days.

If increasing your follower count isn’t the goal of having an Instagram (or other social media) account, then what is?

It’s about connecting with others.

That’s been the true purpose of social media since the beginning. Yeah, companies like Facebook are doing their damnedest to sell all your personal info to the highest bidder at all hours of the day. However, that shouldn’t ruin what you are able to get out of social media.

It’s taken me a long time to come to that understanding. A few years ago, I deleted every account I had and swore it all off. I had been finding myself turning to Twitter and Facebook to fill in any time gap, big or small, during my day. I grew to feel they were all pointless at best. Damaging at worst.

As I said earlier, it is 2019 and it’s a challenge to grow a business online without venturing into the social media world. I came back to Instagram with the intention of making it serve my purposes, not the other way around.

I promised to make sure my time on there would be used to spread the word about Dandy Cat Design and help others with their web design troubles. I needed to make sure that whenever I had that app open, I was communicating with my followers through comments, messages, and stories.

Mindlessly scrolling through my feed isn’t a good use of my time, so I won’t spend any time doing that.

Everything changes when you adjust your mindset in this way. No longer is it about incessantly increasing your follower count. Your time on those services becomes about appreciation.

You learn to appreciate all of your followers. That’s an important thing to do and a challenging thing to get right. You have to remember that all your followers have chosen to allow your posts into their lives.

You’re taking their attention for however long they give it to you. It’s important that you respect their time and make them feel appreciated.

Time spent on social media needs to be less about competition and more about:

  • Communicating with others
  • Showing gratitude for your followers
  • Posting content as high quality as you can make it
  • Not letting it take you over

It’s about appreciating what you have

I’ve spoken a lot about being interactive on Instagram, but the same goes for any social media platform you prefer to use. All of them have the ability to connect you with someone you do or don’t know personally.

Pick whichever one you identify with the most and dive headfirst into it.

Therein lies the caveat—social media should be working for you. It shouldn’t become a drug you have to hit whenever you feel a craving (or are just bored). You need to go into it with a positive intention.

“Quality over quantity” is a maxim so often said that it borders on cliché, but clichés become what they are for a reason: they’re often the truth.

I won’t disparage anyone for however many followers they have. 100 followers or 1,000,000, it’s all good so long as you don’t forget there are real people on the other end of those numbers.

Real people are giving you their time and love. You should give them your time and love back. What’s the point, otherwise?

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I find power outages to be fascinating. I’m not involved in any way with any city’s power supplier, so what could be a simple matter of just overloading the power grid (or whatever) is totally lost to me.

I appreciate you all, cats.

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