All the way back in January of this year, I posted a blog titled Squarespace Menu Search Tool. I had the idea to create this interactive HTML table that would allow anyone to search for a destination in the Squarespace menu and be told the steps needed to get there. Give it a look-see:

Squarespace Menu Search Tool
I’ve created an easily searchable breakdown of the Squarespace site editor menu. Using the search field below, you can enter in exactly what destination you’d like to find and it’ll show you the exact steps to get there.

For instance, if you wanted to adjust your website’s main SEO title and description, it would tell you to click on Marketing followed by SEO.

Little did I know at the time that the post was also not very useful; Squarespace already had an easier to use and more powerful search tool built in. But I’m not one to get too down on myself. My search tool was a good exercise in learning how to work better with HTML tables and a bit of JavaScript. There’s never any drawback in learning something new.

But still, there is an incredibly easy way to navigate through the Squarespace menus and you can use it right away.

Let's begin our search...

There’s a whole lot happening in the Squarespace menu. I’m not sure I could easily list all the options they make available without spending a good hour or so counting them all out.

Navigating back and forth through them used to be the way to do things on the site. Let me tell you, it was a chore to go from editing your “About” page all the way to fine-tuning some of the deeply buried commerce options. My mouse clicking finger never got such a workout!

The Squarespace designers must have gotten tired of it too because now there’s a navigation option that requires 100% less mouse clicking. With a single key press, you’ll be presented with a search menu overlaying everything else on your screen. Type in a couple letters and menu options will immediately begin to appear for you to select. Choose one and you’ll be whisked away to where you want to go.

A screenshot of a window on the Squarespace site editor, which allows the user to search for a menu item.

They really couldn’t make it much easier than that. But how do you make use of it? I’ll tell you in three simple steps:

  1. From any screen on your Squarespace site editor, type the forward slash button on your keyboard—“/“.
  2. Type in your desired destination, e.g. Commerce, Code Injection, or Analytics.
  3. Hit “enter.”

Pow! Watch your screen immediately change as you’re redirected to your chosen destination. You can do this as often as you want and from anywhere you want.

One small thing to note here is you’re not able to search for a specific page you’ve created for your website. Typing in something like “blog” will only direct you to the general blog options. A minor drawback, sure, but not something that can be helped at the moment.

With my own Squarespace Menu Search Tool, I may have created something that didn’t necessarily need to exist. The neat thing about Squarespace is that they usually think of most things before someone else does.

It’s part of what’s made them who they are today.

But when the tools they create are as easy and handy as their menu search function, then I don’t really mind at all. I love these sorts of seemingly small tools that can make my life easier. Anything that saves me bits of time throughout my day is always going to be appreciated.

Give Squarespace’s search tool a try. I’m pretty sure you’ll fall as deeply in love with it as I have.

Enjoy your searches, cats.

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