Call me an impatient millennial, but it’s 2018 (as of this writing) and I despise having to wait for things that I don’t need to wait for. Well, despise might be too strong a word, but it’s not very far off.

My feeling is, if I can have something happen instantaneously, then why wouldn’t I take advantage of that? No reason to be masochistic. Live life the way it was meant to be lived, right?

Until the day when we can have anything we want beamed into existence in front of us just by thinking about it, we’re going to have to take what we can get. Today, what we’re going to get is the ability to instantly see how the changes we make in the Squarespace Style Editor affect the text and blocks we use in our sites.

You might be thinking to yourself that we can already see that whenever we make Style Editor changes, but we’re going to bring some cleverness into this tip. We’re going to make a page devoted solely to experimenting with and previewing Style Editor changes.

Creating a Styling Page

  1. In the Pages panel, create a new Regular Page. Place it in the Not Linked section.
  2. Name this page whatever you’d like In the Page Settings window. This information doesn’t have to be anything special, just memorable.
  3. Uncheck the Enable Page button in the Page Settings window. This page only needs to be visible to you.
  4. Put all of the blocks you’ll need in there. Heck, why not just put all of the blocks in there?
  5. The text and image blocks are especially important. Add multiple text blocks and make each one a different heading, emphasis, list, etc. Same goes for the image blocks. Add multiples and make each a different style.
  6. Head on over to the Style Editor. Make changes as you normally would and watch as the blocks on your Styling Page update right away. Keep messing with the tweaks and find your preferences.

Being able to have a general overview of how your Style Editor tweaks change your elements all in one page is far more powerful than it first appears.

Consider the time you’ll save having to go back and forth between screens in the Squarespace sidebar. The back and forth dance becomes so much less of a chore.

Your productivity increases. You become more confident in the changes you want to make in your (or your client’s) website. You get to have what you want instantly.

Life is good, cats.

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