Quick Tip: Give Someone Squarespace Account Permissions
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Quick Tip: Give Someone Squarespace Account Permissions

I think the all too common image of a web designer (or coder or just about anyone who does fancy things on a computer) is of a person slouched in front of their screen in a dark room.
Quick Tip: Give Someone Squarespace Account Permissions

I think the all too common image of a web designer (or coder or just about anyone who does fancy things on a computer) is of a person slouched in front of their screen in a dark room. Like it’s some sort of mysterious act that can’t be seen by any other eyes for fear of everything just failing in spectacular fashion.

I call that pure poppycock!

Oh yes, I’m going there. I’m throwing out the old-timey words because I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. Yeah, creative works can be done alone and they are by many people, but making a website doesn’t have to be a solitary act secretly performed in a dim cave of a room.

I mean, it can be and sometimes even I do that. What can I say? I like my peace and quiet.

It’s the easiest thing in the world to bring other people into the website creation process. It is with Squarespace anyway. I’m not writing a Wix blog right now, so I can’t speak to their capability. With Squarespace, though, you can grant other people access to your website and create something great together.

A few points first

Granting editing ability to your website to other people is about as easy peasy as it can get, so if you were feeling overwhelmed by the thought of this process, then don’t worry about it.

Site owners and Administrators are the only people who can add contributors to a website. If you don’t have one of those roles on a website, then you won’t be able to invite others.

The person you’re inviting needs to have a Squarespace account. This doesn’t mean they need to make and pay for a site themselves, but they will need to be able to log into an account.

Permission types

There are different permissions levels to be aware of:

  • Administrator: this role can do anything a site owner can do, except for changing who owns the site.
  • Content Editor: this role can add products, blocks, and other content to a site. They can’t create new pages or make changes to the site’s style.
  • Billing: this role has access to the finances of the site. They can’t make content changes to the site.
  • Store Manager: this role can add products, reorder products, and fulfill orders. They can also create blog posts and events.
  • Reporting: this role can view analytics and make comments.
  • Trusted Commenters: this role can make and reply to comments without moderation.
  • Comment Moderators: this role can also comment without moderation.

How to actually do it

There are certainly quite a few different levels of permissions, but how do you actually invite someone onto your site? I’m glad you asked.

  1. In the Home Menu, select Settings and then Permissions.
  2. Select Invite Contributor.

3. Enter the name of the person you want to invite and their email address.

4. Choose what permission level you want this person to have. Note that you can select multiple permissions.

5. Select Save to send away the invitation.

That’s about it. The person you invited will receive an email directing them to log into their existing Squarespace account or make a new one. Once they access their account their name will appear as a contributor in the Permissions menu.

See? Easy peasy.

As the Site Owner or Administrator, you’ll be able to modify a person’s permissions level or remove them completely. Selecting their contributor profile will give you a choice between modifying their permissions by clicking checkboxes or removing them by clicking Remove Access.

Clicking on Remove Access will remove the person’s permissions, but it won’t remove them completely (just in case you need to easily add them again). To remove them completely, select their profile in the Contributors Without Permissions section followed by Remove Contributor. You’ll need to select a replacement contributor, but that can be yourself. Finish it up by selecting Transfer and Remove.

It’s all about collaboration

The joke about computer people may be that they do their creating in a dark vacuum, but that doesn’t have to be the case. It’s a cinch to make something worthwhile with an awesome team of any size.

I’m always impressed with just how simple Squarespace makes something that could otherwise be rather complex. I mean, I’m sure it’s a complex operation behind the scenes, but the great thing about them is they prefer to keep the complexity a secret.

I encourage you to invite someone to create something new with you. It makes the process of running a thriving website all the more enjoyable.

Contribute today, cats.

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