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Dandy Cast 028: A brand new announcement! Whoo!

Sean Anderson
Sean Anderson

This podcast episode was recorded as an accompanying audio version of the Dandy Newsletter that was published on June 09, 2020.

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Show notes

After much pondering, I’ve decided to turn the Dandy Newsletter into a podcast. Well, I’ll be recording a podcast accompaniment to the Dandy Newsletter, but still, it’s going to be a thing. Instead of reading all my many words, let me speak them into your earholes instead.

Some people would just much rather listen to what I’ve got to say. That’s fine and dandy. I want to give those people the opportunity to get the most out of my work. So, that’s what I’ll be working on. Of course, reading all this in the show notes for said podcast is a little, I don’t know, redundant? Regardless, here it is!

There’s also a brand spankin’ new blog post waiting for you. It’s called, Why It’s Okay To Change Your Passion.

Saying goodbye is always tough, but sometimes it can also be the best thing for you. When it comes to a passion in your life, that process is especially difficult. Look, I’m not saying it’s easy. I am saying it’s okay. I did it for myself. Now I’m feeling pretty dang great. Read the post today to learn why changing your passion can be a good thing.

We’re wrapping things up with what I’m watching, reading, and listening to this week. It’s a great assortment of media that’s worth your time.

Links to stuff that was mentioned:

Myke Hurley - Relay FM

Connected - Relay FM

Cortex - Relay FM

The Pen Addict - Relay FM

Relay FM

Stephen Hackett - Relay FM

5 Simple Tips on How To Improve Your SEO + 1 Complex Tip - Dandy Cat Design


Bueller? | Ferris Bueller’s Day Off - YouTube

The Podcasting World Is Now Spotify Versus Everybody Else - The Verge

More Movies Please!

Why It’s Okay To Change Your Passion - Dandy Cat Design

Six Fax Machines | Reconcilable Differences - Relay FM

Predestination - IMDb

Hope She’ll Be Happier | Nick Mulvey - YouTube

A Wanted Man | Lee Child - Goodreads

The full text

The Dandy Newsletter — 06/09/20

There are several podcasts I listen to that are hosted by a fine English gentleman named Myke Hurley. He’s kind of my modern independent business hero—not only does he co-host several different engaging podcasts about tech, working lives, and even pens, but he’s also built a thriving podcast network and business called Relay FM (with his friend, Stephen Hackett). I don’t think I’ve made it any sort of secret that I love listening to podcasts. It’s an activity that I do for many hours a day and nearly every single day. I love the format for its engaging stories, fascinating people, and freedom of expression. It’s no wonder why I listen to his shows and value his opinions.

Myke has made the point several times throughout his many shows that he’s not a person who likes to read things. He’s not one to sit down with a book, newspaper, or magazine and just churn through the thing. Instead, he prefers the convenience of audiobooks and, unsurprisingly, podcasts. I won’t speak for him, but I do understand why a person would prefer to consume their media through audio formats. Where it may be impossible to read a book, while working for instance, you can instead listen to a narration of a book. It’s an easy and, for many people, quicker thing to do.

I prefer and love to read whatever I can get my hands on, but that’s just me. The great thing about the world is there’s no single right way to do most things.

I don’t think Myke is alone in his media consumption preference. I would wager that there are a great many people who don’t like to read and would instead rather listen to their media. Perhaps you are one of those people.

Indeed, this can also be considered an accessibility issue. There are people who are unable to read words typed on a page (unless it’s Braille) and rely on audio formats and screen readers to assist them. It’s an important consideration to make and one I’ve touched on a bit before. It’s not enough to just have a website. You need to make sure that the content you create is accessible by as many people as possible.

All this is to say that I’ve spent the last few days considering ways to make the content I create available in more places. The first thing I’d like to do is create the Dandy Podcast (or whatever its final name will be).

At the moment, I’m envisioning this future podcast as an audio version of the Dandy Newsletter. Instead of these words living solely in the emails I send out, there will also be an audio feed that can be subscribed to in all fine podcast players. According to Ulysses, these newsletters all have an out-loud reading time of about ten minutes. Some are shorter and some are longer than that, of course, but you can expect these episodes to generally be less than fifteen minutes long. A quick audio bite, if you will. There will be some post-production sweetening happening to the episodes, as all good media should include, so it won’t just be a straight recitation of the words typed here (and definitely not in some droning Ben Stein fashion). However, I also won’t be embellishing too much on what I write because I want the podcast to be an additional option and not something that usurps this newsletter. There won’t be any sweet deals hidden away in the podcast for people who listen there instead of read here (and vice versa).

Additionally, I may also use the podcast as a motivator and space to speak to interesting folks. I’ve always loved the ability for podcasts to expose people to unique points of view. That’s a possibility that wouldn’t come into fruition until far in the future, but I am considering it.

I believe this will give those who prefer to listen to their media and those who have accessibility preferences (or even just those who want to listen to an excellent podcast) a great new option to engage with Dandy Cat Design and myself. Despite the podcast world going through some peculiar changes lately, I still feel that it offers an experience that you can’t find anywhere else.

Which is exactly why I’ve been encouraging people to give it a try themselves.

I’ve made it quite clear that I love podcasts (and am, in fact, already co-hosting one called More Movies Please!), so this is a project I’m looking forward to working on. It’ll be a little while before I can announce that it’s up and ready to be heard—this is a new idea, after all—but you can rest assured that you’ll be the first to know about it when it does go live.

I beseech you to follow your heart

There’s a new blog post waiting for you. Hip-hip-hooray! 🎉

It’s called: Why It’s Okay To Change Your Passion.

Change of any sort is difficult, but I believe it’s especially hard when you’re trying to change something that’s part of your identity. Case in point: I agonized for a long time, months really, before I decided to stop working in film production.

Not only was I worried about taking my first shaky steps into an unknown future, I felt like I was wrenching out a piece of my soul and leaving it behind me. I thought that production and cinematography were going to be essential mainstays in my life. Moving out of that world was an extremely tough choice to make, especially because I was also removing myself from a video production company I had co-founded.

Despite the difficulty I faced, I eventually realized that everything I was doing was okay. Not only was it fine, but it was essential to my future happiness. I want you to click through the link above to help you understand why changing your passion doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It’s tough as hell, but it can also be one of the best things you can do for yourself. Give it a read today!

If you ever want to throw some suggestions my way, then send me a reply to this email. They’re always wonderful to receive.

Seriously friend, I'd love to hear from you.

Until next time cats, stay informed, stay safe, and stand up for what’s right. Black lives matter.


Sean Anderson

Lover of productivity tips, Apple devices, and vegan ice cream. Mostly, I'm busy petting cats 🐱 and dogs 🐶

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