Dandy Cast 027: Waste some time today!
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Dandy Cast 027: Waste some time today!

This podcast episode was recorded as an accompanying audio version of the Dandy Newsletter that was published on June 02, 2020.

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Show notes

Frivolity gets a bad rap. Seriously, I don’t know why everyone’s so down on doing things that don’t really matter. Wasting time, if you’ve got time to waste, has got some pretty negative connotations around it and I don’t think it should be that way. If you want to waste some time, then do it with a smile on your face.

I’m planning on wasting some time soon by getting myself a Raspberry Pi. This mini computer is a tinkerer’s dream machine. You can do so many things with it! Perhaps I’ll turn it into a Plex server. Maybe I’ll make it a web server. I might even use it to start my own hacking career! (Just kidding, NSA. I’m not crazy like that.) Whatever I end up doing with the thing, you can bet it’ll be entirely frivolous.

There’s also a brand spankin’ new blog post waiting for you. It’s called, Why I’m Going All in on a Single Platform (and Why You’d Want To).

I’m ditching Google. Well, as much as one can ditch Google. YouTube and its search engine may be an impossible thing to give up at this point. However, I’m an Apple fan and have invested heavily into that ecosystem. If it works for my personal life, why shouldn’t it work for my business life? I’m going all in on Apple. Read this post today to learn why you should consider a single ecosystem for yourself.

We’re wrapping things up with what I’m watching, reading, and listening to this week. It’s a great assortment of media that’s worth your time.

Links to stuff that was mentioned:

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Why I’m Going All in on a Single Platform (and Why You’d Want To) - Dandy Cat Design

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The full text

The Dandy Newsletter — 06/02/20

Frivolity can get a bad rap sometimes.

I can’t think of much else I enjoy doing more than (virtually) cracking open a good book, spending some hours playing video games, or even just sitting in my backyard and enjoying the tweets from all the birds flitting around out there. All those activities fill my days with brightness and my spirit with joy. I look forward to taking part in them whenever I have the opportunity to do so. I’ve never come away from one of them feeling like I’d wasted my time.

However, I think I can admit that those activities, enjoyable though they may be, could be considered frivolous. Sure, they hold value for me personally, but they may not for everyone. They’re certainly not activities that are directly helping me earn money or grow my business. In fact, it could be argued that those hours spent away from working on my business are instead costing me money. In that way, those activities are hurting my chances for future success.

I can see how that argument could be made, but mostly I think that’s a whole load of nonsense.

I’m a firm supporter of taking care of one’s mental health. We’re told by health professionals, the media, and all our old p.e. teachers to take great pains to develop and maintain our physical health, but when it comes to our minds and hearts, the message can get murkier. It’s a damn shame because, as I’ve written in this newsletter before, when the mind fails, so too does everything else.

While I believe considerably more money and effort should be spent on developing better mental health support in this world, I want to speak about more frivolous things this week.

I’m planning on getting myself a Raspberry Pi soon. Do I have any immediate need for one of those tiny computers? No, I do not. However, I would like to have one to tinker around and have fun with. This impending purchase did stem from my desire to back up the remaining DVDs my mom has lying around her house, because backing things up is always the right thing to do. That led to my thought of making that backed up media available to her through a streamable Plex library. She’s all in on the streaming media bandwagon now, so why not make her physical media available to stream, as well?

This is now turning into a fun project for me, but it’s not something that has to be done. She still has a working disc player by her television. She doesn’t need her media to be backed up and made available to stream. Ultimately, it’s a frivolous thing to do, but I believe it will bring me joy and her convenience. It’s something I want to do.

I’m also considering other uses for a future Raspberry Pi. I’ve heard and read a lot about what’s known as a “pi-hole,” or network-wide advertisement blocking. I understand why ads exist, but I don’t care to spend increasingly large amounts of my personal time watching them. If I want to purchase something, then I’ll go seek out a thing for myself. With a pi-hole, advertisements are essentially stopped at your home’s router. This way, any device logged into your home’s network won’t be inundated with annoyances. It’s freedom from ads, and that’s also a worthy project.

Is creating a pi-hole for my home network an entirely necessary thing for me to do? Nope. It’ll be taking me away from my work. It’s frivolous and ultimately not needed, but it’ll bring me joy and I can always use extra joy in my life.

I’ve been thinking these thoughts because I listened to a recent episode of the Analog(ue) podcast, in which co-host Casey Liss talked about similar thoughts. He too has a Raspberry Pi and is having entirely frivolous fun with it, but it’s still fun he’s having and that’s worth his lost time and potential lost money.

Doing something fun or challenging just for yourself—and not because you’re being paid to do it—is a healthy activity. Not only will it help bring joy and calmness into your mind and life, but by the end of your activity, you’ll probably have something neat to show for it. Whether it’s a new Plex library of old tv shows or some birdsong that’s stuck in your ear, these frivolous things are all worthwhile.

I’m sure you could use more frivolity in your life. How could you spend some of your personal time?

Diving in headfirst

There’s a new blog post waiting for you. Hip-hip-hooray! 🎉

It’s called: Why I’m Going All in on a Single Platform (and Why You’d Want To).

I’m pretty much all Apple now and I couldn’t feel happier about that! For a long time, my digital life was divided up into several different ecosystems. I had my main Apple accounts, but I also had some G Suite accounts for my business. There was also my personal Google stuff and I’m sure there was a Microsoft account floating around somewhere.

It was all just too much. I felt the fun being sucked out of my work life. Having to keep track of so many different services, account logins, and billing pages was a huge hassle. I came to realize that it was also unnecessary.

I made the conscious decision to remove most of those accounts from my life and I couldn’t be happier for doing it. I feel lighter, I enjoy my work more, and keeping track of everything has gotten much easier.

Click through the link above to hear why I believe that removing the complexity of multiple platforms is worth the effort. Learn how to feel freer in your life by giving it a read today!

If you ever want to throw some suggestions my way, then send me a reply to this email. They’re always wonderful to receive.

Seriously friend, I'd love to hear from you.

Until next time cats, stay informed, stay safe, and stand up for what’s right.

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