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Dandy Cast 008: There are still nice corners of the internet?

Sean Anderson
Sean Anderson

This podcast episode was recorded as an accompanying audio version of the Dandy Newsletter that was published on January 21, 2020.

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Show notes

Should I be more active on social media? Should I not even think about it because they’re all so terrible? Is there something out there that could actually speak to me and bring me joy? Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?!

Cue, the independent blogging service with a delightful social media component. With this service I’ve not only found a place where I can write freely and at length, but is also full of the most wonderful people you can find online. It’s a social network that’s looking to do things differently, and that’s a good thing.

There’s a brand spankin’ new blog post waiting for you. It’s called, 3 Clever Ways To Use the Squarespace Cover Page.

I may not be using Squarespace for my website needs any longer, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re pretty awesome. Oh, and they’ve got some amazing website building features. Read on to this blog post to learn how to make the most out of the Squarespace Cover Page.

We’re wrapping things up with what I’m watching, reading, and listening to this week. It’s a great assortment of media that’s worth your time.

Links to stuff that was mentioned:

Manton Reece’s Kickstarter Project - Daring Fireball

Why I created - community guidelines -

The Dandy Cat Design microblog

3 Clever Ways To Use the Squarespace Cover Page - Dandy Cat Design

Dexter - Netflix

The Pure Piano playlist - Apple Music

The Woman in the Window | A.J. Finn - Goodreads

The full text

The Dandy Newsletter - 01/21/20

Every few months or so I’ll start thinking that I need to be more active with social media than I am.

It’s a hard thing to ever accomplish because I find it so tiresome. I like to think that I’m young enough to have grown up during the rise of social media and can therefore thrive with it. I had my eight Myspace friends perfectly curated and only the best music autoplaying on my profile. I got onto Facebook in 2007, earlier than most people. I knew that part of the online world like the back of my hand.

But as all things do, everything changed. When easily recorded and streamed video became a possibility and Snapchat became a thing, I lost my foothold on social media. I just didn’t have the desire to broadcast my every moment to a group of (mostly) strangers. Once I stopped chasing after the new hotness, I lost whatever momentum I had online. None of it felt natural to me anymore. See, I wasn’t right on time to the social media revolution; I was a generation late.

However, my old affinity for social media starts itching every once in a while. I’ll leave Instagram because I’m tired of its relentless pace, but then several months later realize that we’re living in the future. We have the ability to instantly communicate with so many people across the entire planet! Why shouldn’t I be taking advantage of that? There’s so much power and potential available to me. Ignoring or rebelling against it would be a waste, right?

What am I, Amish?

The always recording video thing still doesn’t click with me and I don’t think it ever will. Blame the old soul in me. But I love writing, so shouldn’t that be the thing I try to do more? Where can I write about anything I want and still connect with other people? Should I get on Twitter again? I used to have fun there.

All it takes is a quick glance at Twitter to see what a dumpster fire it’s become. It used to be so great! I could post such always brilliant nonsense on there and connect with others who shared my interests. Now those who still share my interests there are being engulfed by a blaze of misogynistic, racist assholes. Twitter lost whatever backbone it might have had and is now more interested in clawing onto whatever relevance it still has.

It’s such a hateful, boring place there.

I’d heard about for the first time probably on a post John Gruber made on Daring Fireball. It’s been in the background of my mind for a few years now, but I didn’t take the plunge then because I didn’t really have a need to invest time or money into it. It wasn’t until recently that I was looking for a place where I could write about whatever happened to be on my mind (and wasn’t appropriate for my Dandy Cat Design blog) and also connect with other people. A nice community, if you will.

Manton Reece writes on the website:

Instead of yet another social network, is designed to work with the open web. It’s built on RSS and independent microblogs. It’s about pulling together short posts and making them more useful and easier to interact with. It prioritizes both a safe community of microblogs as well as the freedom to post to your own site.

I think this paragraph is what clinched it for me. I can’t think of another place that not only says they want to take the best aspects of the old internet and combine them with the best aspects of the new, but actually follows through on that. I haven’t been on for very long, but my time there has been fruitful, enjoyable, and healthy.

I cannot say the same thing about Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Fruitful, enjoyable, and healthy are not adjectives that can be applied to those places.

While is still a small community of people, it is growing. It’s a pleasant place to make new friends online while also sharing whatever you feel is worth putting out into the world.

Plus, unlike places like Twitter, I don’t expect to bow down to users who spread hate on their platform. Their community guidelines forbid it and they encourage the reporting of offenders. I expect them to stick to their word, even if certain users bring a lot of traffic and attention to their service.

In my Year of Growth, I’m looking for less toxicity in my life. I want my world to be pleasant, creative, and supportive. I’m glad to have found a place that supports that goal. Give it a look-see for yourself and check out my own microblog. I think you may enjoy it.

Clever? You bet your butt it is!

There’s a new blog post waiting for you. Huzzah! 🎉

It’s called: 3 Clever Ways To Use the Squarespace Cover Page.

I’ve still got a small backlog of Squarespace-related content which may seem a little out of place on my new Ghost website. However, any helpful information is good information, so this one is being posted. Anyway, I’m a fan of it.

The Cover Page feature on Squarespace is one that I don’t see being used too often and I think that’s a shame. It’s a handy and powerful tool that can be used to collect information and provide services to visitors. Plus, it’s designed to look absolutely gorgeous, like most things Squarespace puts out into the world.

But there are ways to use it that aren’t immediately obvious. Really clever ways to create a single page that can help you sell your services and explain parts of your site to your visitors. Click through the link above to read all about how you can use the Cover Page on your Squarespace site in unique ways today!

If you ever want to throw some suggestions my way, then leave a comment at the end of one of my blog posts. Or heck, reply to this email.

Seriously friend, I'd love to hear from you.

Until next time, stay dandy, cat.


Sean Anderson

Lover of productivity tips, Apple devices, and vegan ice cream. Mostly, I'm busy petting cats 🐱 and dogs 🐶

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